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Department of Husbandry and Veterinary

There are three specialties in Department of Husbandry and Veterinary. They are husbandry and veterinary , vet¡¯s discipline and animals¡¯ antiepidemic and quarantine inspection. Students from 9 provinces of our country are enrolled. There are 560 students studied in the department now. And the specialty husbandry and veterinary was the pilot one of teaching innovation in Hebei Province in Oct. 2004. This is one between the only two experimental specialties of our college. In 2008, after the acceptance check of the provincial evaluation group, it was set to be ¡°model specialty of teaching innovation¡± in Hebei province. Five practical training labs are lab of feeds and nutrition of animals, lab of inheritance and breeding of animals, lab of basic theriatrics, lab of clinical theriatrics, lab of prophylaxis theriatrics. There are also two sample labs, one microscope lab that is full of many different kinds of precision experimental instruments, such as, full-automatic ELIASA, B ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus for livestock, X-ray machine for livestock, gel imager-forming system, PCR instrument, blood analysis metre, nitrogen-phosphor-calcium detecting instrument, coarse fiber determinator, dual flaker of freezing olefin and so on. One synthesis cultivation farm, one husbandry and veterinary surgeon service centre and 50 practical training bases out of campus are built.

In the department, the faculty are characteristic with reasonable age-structure, professional ranks, double-quality, combination of full-time and part-time. There are twenty full-time teachers among whom twelve teachers are masters, three teachers are professors, four teachers are associate-professors and eleven teachers are double-quality teachers, four part-time teachers.

Teachers in the department of husbandry and veterinary surgeon make great achievements in the scientific research and teaching innovation. Fifty-two papers have been published, seven teaching research projects have been started and ten textbooks on higher vocational education have been compiled and formally published since 2000. Eleven persons&times have been awarded excellent teaching praises. Two curriculums are classic courses of our college. One teaching research project got the first prize of teaching achievement of Hebei province and another project got the second prize. One join-work scientific research project got the first prize of fengshou award of Hebei province and the third prize of fengshou award of Ministry of Agriculture.

Department of Husbandry and Veterinary Surgeon aims at training high technical practical talents who are suitable for the need of the front line of manufacture, construction, management and service. The necessary and sufficient knowledge is taught. The practical skills are paid more attention to. Students can serve for the economic construction and obtain employment. The combination of manufacture, teaching and research is improved constantly. The teaching model of combination of manufacture and teaching, industry and college is taken actively. So the practical and mixed abilities of students are advanced. The employment rate of students in the department was kept 100% during 2005-2009.


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