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Department of Modern Services Management

Department of Modern Services Management is a department newly put up for the strong social demand. Three specialties which formerly belong to Department of Economy and Trade, are tourism management, marketing and legal affairs. The advantage resources are integrated in order to make progress. There are 342 students who come from 10 provinces. Three staff rooms are marketing, legal affairs and tourism management.

Faculty in the department are ideological emancipation, diligent, conscientious and down to earth. The feature of the department is new idea, new knowledge, vigorous and with powerful practical competence. There are 23 full-time teachers. Seven of them are associate professors. Eight of them are with master degree. Several teachers have experiences in companies and professional certificates in the fields of legal affairs, tourism management, public relations, business administration and commerce etiquette.

The students¡¯ abilities of innovation, vocation and practice are stressed here. There are seven practical training rooms. They are training rooms for marketing, management of tour agency, room service, catering administration, physical training and make-up arts.

In recent years, we make cooperation with related companies and actively open up training base. They are Tinder Science and Technology Co., XinyuLou Shopping Center, Gold Lion Hotel(five-star hotel), Yihe Hotel(four-star hotel), Cangzhou Peiran Century Co., Cangzhou Ruier Co., Canghzou Xinri Travel Agency, Tiantian Travel Agency, Shangshui Travel Agency, Jinhua Travel Agency etc.

Enterprisers and professional experts from tour companies, legal profession and marketing field are the members of our professional conduct committee. They give a lot help in specialty development, students¡¯ cultivation and teachers¡¯ practice.

The principle of our education is opening, international perspective and industrystandard. The purpose of our education is to serve for society on the basis of contemporary. The cooperation project with Korean Inha Technical College and Korean Airline opened a gate to making for world for the specialty of Tourism Management. And this cooperation is a template for the new specialty of steward. The cooperation with Hilton Hotel invested by American Black Stone Investment Group brings us the international standard of hotel management and start a broader future for students¡¯ employments.

Department of Modern Services Management aims at improving students¡¯ qualities. Students have more employment chances. Now many companies¡¯ needs are urgent. So our students¡¯ supply is unable to meet companies¡¯ need.

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