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Department of Urban and Rural Construction

The cultivation orientation of Department of Urban and Rural Construction : 1. Garden Engineering & Technique 2. Construction Engineering & Decoration 3. Agriculture Economy and Management. Its branches are garden office, construction engineering office, agriculture-biology

This department includes 8 majors£ºconstruction engineering technique£¬architectural decoration engineering technique, construction engineering management, engineering survey and supervision, garden technique£¬horticulture technique£¬biological technique and application, seed production and management, with 1089 students from parts of the whole country.

Department of Urban and Rural Construction is developed with rich qualified, diligent & conscientious teachers with ideological emancipation and progressive higher education concept with 30 professional teachers, 20 part-time teachers, among? which 21 professors or associate professors or researchers , 8 master graduates. Most teachers have abundant experiences and professional certificate in gardening, agriculture research, agricultural extension, construction engineering, construction budget. This department pay more attention in educating students¡¯ innovation concept and? professional ability and in students¡¯ practice and training with perfect teaching equipments and advanced experiment facilities . The department has now two training centers: biological technique and construction technique ; 17 training rooms: Plant and Plant Physiology Lab£¬Herbarium Room, Gardening and Flowers Training Room, Plant-protection Training Room, Seed Training Room, Biology Training Room, Microorganism? Training Room, Plant Tissue Culture Training Room, Survey Training Room, Drawing Office, Room of Processing Agricultural Products, Mechanics Training Room, CLLIPS , Soil Engineering Training Room, Building Material Training Room One ( concrete),

Building Material Training Room Two ( cement),? Building Material Training Room Three( asphalt) , Construction Engineering Training Room .

In recent years, this department is active in cooperating with relevant industry and enterprises by opening some bases : Cangzhou Modern Agriculture Model, Cangzhou Lvyin Gardening Ltd, Qingxian Simazhuang Science Base, Cangzhou Tongjiayuan Flower-production Base, Cangzhou Dongfang Stone Company, Cangzhou People¡¯s Park£¬ Cangzhou Dayuan? Building Group, Cangzhou Huayuan Construction Ltd,Lanjing Design Company,etc.

This department adheres to the principles of combining teaching, science-research and production by paying attention to educating students¡¯ abilities and skills to adapt to the changeable market, making students a bright employment so as to they are in urgent need and in short supply.

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